About Results America


Results America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that exists to inspire and enable the spread of results-driven government. Its’ sole purpose is to demonstrate how focusing government on results is key to fulfilling the promise of America. In order for these ideas to spread with the greatest ease, Results America was established to provide tools, information, and education about state measures.

Results America is not in the business of picking sides, or performing lobbying. We are here to inform and provide quality research, not to coerce. As an information source for government officials and citizen alike, Results America focuses its time and resources on providing not only independent reports and analysis, but also news and existing information on scorecards.


Result America is dedicated to the ideas of good government through well thought out ideas and well researched measures. Our goal is to provide state governments, citizens, and public servants with tools for good government. For these reasons our values are the following:

Inspire Leadership
To encourage bold actions grounded in sound management practices

Accelerate Success
To make best practices known to shorten the learning curve

Connect Like Minds
To speed peer learning and support courageous action

Encourage Competition
To accelerate improvement through peer accountability

A results revolution is underway in many parts of state government, a movement born of the escalating needs of citizens colliding with the slowing growth of state resources. The revolution is rooted in the principles of Lean and connected directly to the pioneering management work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Results America believes that the path to a better America lies in focusing government on results.

Results America focuses on practical solutions that improve education, create better jobs, make safer communities, clean up and sustain our environment, update infrastructure, and make sure the work of government is done efficiently and effectively.

Careers and Volunteering

The best research from scores of dedicated people all determined to produce the best results. If you are interested in assisting us with our current efforts Results America, please email us at paljets@resultsamerica.org. We will also consider modified or original suggestions, so long as they conform to our mission values and scope.

Currently, there are no career positions available.