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Government That Works: Data-driven government, a new approach to governing

As mayor of Baltimore and later as Maryland’s chief executive, Governor Martin O’Malley pioneered data-driven decision-making in government. Through programs like CitiStat in Baltimore and StateStat in Maryland, O’Malley implemented a new approach toward governing: using data to drive policy decisions, set goals, measure performance, and increase government transparency. On March 11, the Center for […]

Rates of Obesity

Results America, dedicated to sharing useful information that states can use to promote their well being, has taken a look at the rate of obesity in 2012. Without question obesity is a national epidemic that requires our attention and understanding to reduce climbing rates.

Tax Burden

Results America considers fiscal measures aimed at efficient and effective government. The amount of taxes owed by the citizens of states is one such measure. Since the deadline for state, local, and federal taxes having just passed, many may wonder what their own tax burden may be.


Results America examines many measures in several of the most important policy fields, including public health. Besides measures regarding nutrition and the cost of healthcare, the rate of smokers in a state tends to be one of the most common measures.

Median Household Income

Results America is dedicated to being a place to share best practices and common measures between states. One of the most popular best practice measures of an innovative and prosperous state economy is the median household income.

Food Insecurity

Results America seeks to use data and logical research to help educate states about their triumphs and challenges. Often in this process, we discover that high-profile issues are far less of an issue, while other problems are far more severe and demand greater policy attention.