John M. Bernard

Chairman of the Board
Results America

John has been called, “The nation’s leading expert on the transformation of state government” by senior state executives from across the nation. He serves as an advisor to several governors and is a sought-after speaker on how government can deliver on the promise of hard, measurable results critical to America.

His best-selling book, Business at the Speed of Now (Wiley 2012), has been read widely in state government by everyone from governors to frontline state workers. John has built the bridge between the lessons of business and government and understands how to integrate into a single, cogent management system everything from engaging employees, listening to customer, to lean and process improvement to scorecards, and strategic planning, change management and cultural transformation.

An experienced and successful business leader and entrepreneur, John’s career spans the private sectors from technology to finance and his roles ranged from founding CEO to senior vice president of a multi-billion dollar publically traded business.

John’s passion for new management practices began early in his career when he served on a task force in 1981 credited with the first implementation of management practices emerging out of Japan, practices today known as Lean.

Currently John is a new book, Government That Works, How a Focus on Results in the States is Proving the Best of America is Yet to Come. The book chronicles the results movement in state government taking place in over a dozen states in the nation. It includes practical “what works” recommendations that can be applied anywhere from the Governor’s Office to a team at the Motor Vehicles Division.